Unrefined oils (bulk)

ASTON offers unrefined sunflower and rape oils in bulk. These products are made at the Morozovsk and Millerovo plants. The joint production capacity of the facilities for processing oil seeds is 800,000 tons a year.

ASTON supplies first-class unrefined sunflower oil to various clients in Russia and exports it to different ex-Soviet states and several countries in Europe and the Middle East. The unrefined rape oil is supplied to the company’s European partners in order to produce bio-fuel.

The products are transported by oil tankers (shipments of 2,000-5,000 tons), as well as by trucks (from 20 tons) or rail (from 60 tons) on a just-in-time basis.

Concerning the collaboration appeal to the Department of sales by the telephone: +7 (863) 261-81-17, 261-87-49