Refined oils (bulk)

ASTON can offer refined sunflower oil in bulk. This product is made at the Morozovsk plant, which has a daily production capacity of more than 850 tons of refined vegetable oil.

Contained in refined sunflower oil, linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that enters the human body only through food. The poly-saturated acids, which sunflower oil is so rich in, help build human cells, synthesize hormones and build up the immune system. Such features as higher resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, the presence of vitamin E, and the absence of cholesterol make refined sunflower oil one of the necessary ingredients in the production of confectionary and margarine, dairy products and ice-cream, bread, snacks and other food products.

ASTON supplies premium-class and first-class refined deodorized sunflower oil to its Russian and foreign partners. Deliveries are made on a just-in-time basis, using trucks (from 20 tons) and rail (from 60 tons).

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