High-oleic oils

ASTON is proud to offer an innovative product, with excellent new features: refined high-oleic sunflower oil. This oil is produced at the Morozovsk plant.

When used in cooking, this high-oleic sunflower oil dramatically increases the food’s nutritional value. The main value and favorable difference between this oil and other vegetable oils is in the large amount (over 75%) of oleic acid, which is very good for human health. Compared to all other oils, this high-oleic sunflower oil contains the largest amount of vitamin , which acts as a natural anti-oxidant, helps build up a person’s immune system, and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. This high-oleic sunflower oil is more resistant to high temperatures, which makes it ideal for deep frying. It is used in the food industry to make various products, such as snacks, crackers, dry breakfast cereals, and deep-fried products. It is also perfect for making margarines.

ASTON supplies this high-oleic sunflower oil to its partners – Russian food producers. The company is producing high-oleic sunflower oil the ASTON trademark for the companies working in the segment HoReCa. In the consumer segment, the company makes ZATEYA GOLD, a premium sunflower oil made from traditional and high-oleic sunflowers oil, ZATEYA OLIVA, is a mixture of high-oleic sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil. High-oleic sunflower oil contains a well-balanced ratio of omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 and natural anti-oxidants, which are recommended by the World Health organization as part of a healthy diet.

In 2009, ASTON was given a certificate by the European Food Safety Inspection Service (EFSIS), an international company, following a financial audit that confirmed that ASTON’s products comply with relevant European sanitary and hygiene standards and that the company’s system is working effectively.