Refined Rape Oil

Contains top-quality refined deodorized rape oil (100%).

MAGIC VALLEY rape oil is an amazingly healthy product, created by ASTON’s leading specialists. The product contains 100% rape-seed oil, which is rich in the indispensable polysaturated acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), which are not produced by our body and can only be consumed with food. Eating 1 tablespoon of rape oil per day covers 30% of the daily intake of Vitamin E. Our product is aimed at consumers who care about healthy and wholesome nutrition!

The product is packed in 1-liter PET bottles.

Best before: 18 months.


1 liter

Weight in bottle, grams


Bottle size, mm


Number of bottles in a crate


Crate size, mm


Crate weight, kg


Number of crates in a pallet


Pallet size, mm


Loading norm per truck: 1,395 crates

Loading norm per carriage: 3,555 crates

Color value, mg, iodine: up to 2

Acidity value, mg /g: no more than 0.15

Peroxide value: ½ mmolO/kg: no more than 1.30