Zateya Oliva Oil

Contains high-oleic refined deodorized premium-quality sunflower oil and Extra Virgin olive oil.

ZATEYA Oliva is a functional product for healthy nutrition. It contains a mixture of high-oleic  sunflower oil and Extra Virgin olive oil. The special selection of high-oleic sunflower seeds (without GMOs) was created by Swiss company Syngenta; this selection is widely used in Europe for making healthy food products. ZATEYA Oliva is a complex combination of monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins that helps to prevent diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular and oncologic diseases. Omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, which are found in high-oleic sunflower oil, are essential for good metabolism and important in stimulating the body’s immune system. The fine taste and good nutritional values of extra virgin olive oil have long been recognized by consumers worldwide. Zateya Oliva is an essential component of a healthy and sound diet for a woman and her whole family

The product is packed in 1-liter PET bottles.

Best before: 12 months.


1 liter

Weight in bottle, grams


Bottle size, mm


Number of bottles in a crate


Crate size, mm


Crate weight, kg


Number of crates in a pallet


Pallet size, mm


Loading norm per truck: 1,395 crates

Loading norm per carriage: 3,555 crates

Color value, mg, iodine: up to 3

Acidity value, mg /g: no more than 0.20

Peroxide value: ½ mmolO/kg: no more than 2.0