Raw Corn Fodder

ASTON offers raw corn fodder (raw gluten fodder).

Byproducts of corn processing – pulp and boiled-down extract – are used in producing raw gluten fodder. The analysis of the contents of these components shows that they can be used as valuable additions to animal feed in agriculture because of their high content of nonreplaceable amino acids, microelements and carbohydrates. Moreover, gluten fodder is close to grain in its energy value, containing KE 1.15 kg, and OE 11.9 mJ. This is due to excellent digestibility of pulp and extract. The nutritional value of the protein contained in the gluten fodder is equivalent to 71-82% of proteins of soybean meal for bovine cattle, but it is degraded 19% faster than soybean meal protein.

Corn fodder is targeted both for direct feeding of agricultural cattle and fowl, and for the production of compound fodder.

The product complies with the requirements of TU 9189-073-00334735-2001.

It has a Compliance Declaration, a veterinary certificate, and a sanitary and epidemiological inspection report.

It is shipped in bulk or in polypropylene bags (50 kg) and big bags (1,000 kg) by motorway, railroad or special automotive transport.

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