Maize Germ

ASTON offers maize germ which is separated by the wet method.

The germ, which constitutes 8-14% of the total weight of the corn grain, includes 84-86% of the total oil content of the corn. The germ is the primary product for making corn oil and one of the important ingredients of animal fodder.

The germ oil contains unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic 56%, oleic 30%, linolenic 0.7%) and 14% of saturated fatty acids. Its protein part includes about 37% globulins, 51% glutelin, 5% zein, and 7% of non-soluble oils. Maize germ also carries a wide range of amino acids and is rich in vitamin (tocopherol), beta-sitostiron and phytin.

Storage period: 2 months from the date of production.

Storage requirements: should be stored at relative air humidity of no higher than 85% and at temperatures not exceeding 25°C.

The product is certified and complies with the requirements of GOST (State Standard) 10-020-94.

It has a Compliance Declaration, a veterinary certificate, and a sanitary and epidemiological inspection report.

It is shipped in bulk or in polypropylene bags (50 kg) and big bags (1,000 kg) by motorway, railroad or special automotive transport.

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