ASTON offers dry corn gluten — a highly valuable byproduct of processing corn for starch and starch syrup.


By caloric value, corn gluten is second after animal and plant oils, containing about 60% raw proteins. The protein of the corn gluten includes a large number of nonreplaceable amino acids. It is the best source of methionine, beta-carotene (vitamin «A»), xanthophyll, threonine, tryptophane, calcium, phosphorous and sodium, as well as a rich complex of lipo-soluble and water- soluble vitamins , 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

By energy levels, 1 kilo of gluten is equivalent to 7 kilograms of corn, and by protein contents — to 1 kilo of fish meal. Compared to soybean meal, corn gluten contains 36% more metabolizable energy, 28% more proteins and 400% more linolic acid.

In the world, corn gluten is used in the following ways:

- as an important ingredient of corn fodder;

- as a protein additive to food for agricultural cattle and fowl;

- as a protein and vitamin additive and premix filling;

- in the production of compound fodder.

The product corresponds to the requirements of TU 9189-002-00343579-99.

Storage period: no more than 6 months.

Storage requirements: should be stored at temperatures not exceeding 35°C in closed warehouses.

The product undergoes strict quality control, has a quality certificate and all other documents required by law.

It is shipped in bulk or in polypropylene bags (50 kg) and big bags (1,000 kg) by motorway, railroad or special automotive transport.

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