Starch Syrup (Glucose-Maltose Syrups)

ASTON offers starch syrup of various kinds: low-saccharified syrup, confectionery syrup, maltose syrup, and high-saccharified syrup.

STARCH SYRUP is a natural sugar substitute with extensive economic effect; it is a universal improving agent of organoleptic indicators and characteristics of food products that contain it.

Starch syrup is a thick, sticky, translucent sugar syrup, which always stays liquid. It contains a mixture of glucose, maltose, and higher saccharides, and comes in a number of different types, depending on the combination of such carbohydrates.

Until recently, the industry in Russia was producing only one type of starch syrup — confectionery syrup.

Today, due to the introduction of modern technologies, the companies within ASTON Group produce a whole range of starch syrups of excellent quality. Our products do not contain any genetically modified organisms.

Starch Syrup, depending on the content of carbohydrates in it, is divided into four different types: low-saccharified syrup, confectionery syrup, maltose syrup, and high-saccharified syrup.

Low-Saccharified Starch Syrup

is a product of limited hydrolysis of starch; it has low contents of glucose equivalent (26% — 35%). Low-saccharified starch hydrolyzates are characterized by a high degree of treacliness, binding and anti-crystallizing qualities; they act as foam and emulsion stabilizers. They are not too sweet and have a mild taste.

It is used in the production of aerated confectionary products and lollypops, where the low content of glucose creates the opportunity to dramatically increase the storage endurance of the caramel, and its low sweetness and mild taste are very important, too.

Low-saccharified starch syrup is also used in the production of construction materials – for making agglutinant sand in metallurgy.

Confectionary syrup (glucose syrup) (DE 36-44) is used in the confectionary industry. It is one of the main components of caramel, cake icing, pastry, rolls, and buns.

It is also used in the production of chocolate bars, butter scotch, halva, marmalade, and marshmallows. It is characterized by high treacliness, binding and anti-crystallizing qualities.

Maltose starch syrup (DE > 38) is mostly used in beer brewing because of its high content of fermentable sugars. It helps to increase the productivity and to improve the original extract. Maltose starch syrup is widely used in the bread-making industry because of its ability to increase the crumb grain and elasticity. As a result, the baked goods get a light-brown crust and a nice flavour and stay fresh longer.

This type of starch syrup is also important in the confectionary industry and in making preserves. It helps give the syrup for various jams, fruit batters and marmalades greater treacliness, and increases the storage period of goods. Moreover, maltose starch syrup improves the taste of food products.

High-Saccharified Starch Syrup (DE > 45) has a very sweet taste, a lower degree of treacliness, and has a higher level of osmotic pressure compared to sucrose. These qualities make it more effective in the production of sponge cakes, dark bread (like the well-known «Borodinskiy» kind). It is a perfect ingredient for making jams, fillings, sauces, ketchups, and soft confectionary. It is also used in beer brewing and in the production of soft drinks and ice-cream.

Storage requirements: starch syrup, poured in barrels and cans, should be stored in closed storage rooms and warehouses or under tents, which would protect it from direct sunlight.

The products are certified; they comply with the requirements of GOST (State Standard) R 52060-2003, have certificates of compliance, quality certificates, and all other documents required by law.

The products are shipped in 30- and 50-kg spirally wound fiber drums, 280-kg barrels, 25-ton insulated trucks, and 60-ton steam-jacket railroad cars.

It is possible to ship a small batch of goods from our warehouses in Moscow or directly from the plants in the Vladimir and Ryazan Regions.

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