High-Oleic Oil in Bulk

ASTON offers functional product — refined high-oleic Premium sunflower oil in bulk produced by Morozovsk Branch of JSC ASTON, (Morozovsk, Rostov Region).


High-oleic sunflower oil is more resistant to the impact of high temperatures. It stands higher temperatures of frying, which makes it ideal for deep frying. The life time of high-oleic oil is fourfold as compared to common sunflower oil.

In food industry high-oleic oil is used as spraying oil of snacks, crackers, cereals for breakfast, oils for deep frying. It is also ideal component for production of margarines. Its content of oleic acid is not less than 76%. The high-oleic sunflower oil produced by ASTON equals to olive oil by its fatty acid content.

General specifications of high-oleic sunflower oil:

Taste and odor — non-identified

Free fatty acids content – max 0,05%

Peroxide value – max 1,0 mmol О/kg

Stability 120 degrees Centigrade – max 8 hrs (Rancimat)

Olein fatty acid Content – max 76%

Palmitic fatty acid content – max 4%

Expiration time: 14 days glassed, air, light and moisture tight , at 35-40°С.

The goods undergo strict quality assurance control; and meets Federal Laws No. 90 "Technical Regulations for Fat-and-Oil Products" and Organization Standard (STO) 33356775-001-2008 "High-Oleic Sunflower "Premium" Oil. Specification"  It is supported by veterinary certificate and certificate of quality.

ASTON delivers its products by trucks (from 20 MT) and railway transport (from 45 MT).

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