Palm olein

ASTON performs tran-shipment and at Customer’s request, further processing to the required quality grade of palm olein — a fraction of palm oil with high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Palm olein has become wide-spread as highly profitable, economic frying oil , highly-resistant to oxidation, as compared to rapeseed and common sunflower oil. It is used for production of spreads, ice-cream, margarine, pastry (biscuits, candy fillings, wafers, cookies, ginger bread ), as oil for deep-frying, and for instant foods (chips, potato, nuts, noodles and bouillon cubes.

General specifications of palm olein:

Taste and odor — non- identifiable

Frree fatty acids content – max 0,05%

Peroxide value – max 1,0 mmol /kg

Stability 120 degrees Centigrade – max 10 hrs (Rancimat)

Olein fatty acid content – max 40%

Palmitic fatty acid content of – max 40%

Storage period: 14 days glass air, light and moisture tight, at 35-40°.

The goods undergo strict quality assurance control; it is certificated and meets Federal Laws No. 90 "Technical Regulations for Fat-and-Oil Products" and the Organization Standard (STO) 33356775-003-2009 "Palm Oil – Olein Fraction. Specification". It is supported by veterinary certificate and certificate of quality.

The product is delivered by special trucks (from 20 MT) or rail tanker (from 45 MT) with steam jacket from Morozovsk Branch of JSC “ASTON” (Morozovsk, Rostov Region).

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