Soybean Lecitin

ASTON offers lecitin which represents a mixture of natural substances based on phospholipids, extracted by physical methods from non-refined soybean oil in process of hydration and the following vacuum-drying. It is produced by the Millerovo Branch of JSC ASTON (Millerovo, Rostov Region).

For many years lecitin is known as health beneficial food supplement. The product is comprised of polyunsaturated fatty acids , as well as phosphorus , being a vital carrier for the cells of all live forms. Soybean lecitin is used as high- efficient food supplement (Е322) which improves emulsionizing, dispergating and other rheological properties of different food products, and as antloxidant. It is also used as feed additive for live-stock animals and for in technical purposes.

General specifications of lecitin:

Oil weight-percent – max 60%

Moisture and volatile substances weight-percent – max 3%

Dry extract weight-percent – max 5%

Phosphorus-containing substances weight-percent – min40%

Acid value – max 20 mg КОН/g

Peroxide value – max 25 mol of active oxygen /kg

Storage period : not less than 12 months

Packing/ tare: carton drums with polyethylene insert

Storage requirements: to be stored in well cleaned, closed metal reservoirs , protected from direct sunlight, heat sources and humidity.

Product undergoes strict quality controls meeting the Organization Standard (STO) 86278130-006-2010. First classs certificate of quality are provided.

ASTON delivers this product by trucks.

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