Sunflower meal

ASTON offers sunflower meal and/or pellets, produced by Millerovo Branch of JSC ASTON (Millerovo, Rostov Region).


Oil meal represents a by-product obtained during production of vegetable oils after pressing and extraction of oil seeds. It is rich feed stuff which comprises 30–43% of crude protein, amino acids, methionine, which favorably influences growth and development of young stock. It is a non-replaceable high-protein additive for production of formula feeds for poultry and cattle breeding. It contains vitamin and , fiber, natural protein, potassium, phosphorus and other mineral substances.

General specifications of sunflower meal:

Moisture weight-percent – max 8-12%

 Crude protein (on dry matter) – min 37%

Crude fiber – max 32%

Crude fat – max 4%

General energy nutrient value – not less than 0,83 feed units.

Storage period: 3 months from manufacturing date

Packing/ tare: in bulk

Storage requirements: Goods are stored in clean, dry, well-ventilated warehouses or warehouses with supply-and-exhaust ventilation, protected from direct sunlight, heat sources and humidity, pest controlled.

The goods undergo strict quality checks and controls. Sunflower meal is certified and meets the Organization Standard (STO) 86278130-001-2009 «Sunflower meal. Specification». It is supported by veterinary certificate and certificate of quality.

ASTON delivers its products by trucks (from 15 MT) and railway transport (from 45 MT).

Please contact our Sales Department for cooperation purposes: tel. +7 (863) 261-81-17/261-87-49