In July 2010 ASTON has made the next step in the development of the functional food products line for healthy nutrition: the corporation launched the production of high-oleic sunflower oil for the companies working in the segment of HoReCa.

This variety of high-oleic sunflower, created by the Swiss company Singenta, is widely used in Europe for producing healthy foods.

By its fatty-acid formula this high-oleic sunflower oil “ASTON” is similar to the olive one.

This high-oleic sunflower oil is 4 times more resistant to aging and high temperatures than any usual sunflower oil; it has a higher point of the smoke generation beginning, that is why it is ideal for deep frying.

In the meantime the cooking process this ASTON's oil makes the delicious golden crust on products and guarantees the high quality of different dishes.

This product was manufactured according to the top-ranked chief cooks desires. ASTON's high-oleic sunflower oil is a healthy taste of professional cooking!

Concerning collaboration appeal to the Department of wholesale-retail by the telephone:  +7 (863) 261-88-41.