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  • 5 October 2017

    Millerovo branch of JSC Aston 110. Congratulations to all the staff and veterans of labor, with its 110 years anniversary of the plant!

    For 110 years of his activities he became one of the largest in Russia enterprise for production of vegetable oils and has proven itself a reliable partner in business. All these years have increased the capacities for processing of sunflower seeds, with special attention paid to the environment. Joint major achievement of the labour collective confirmed the stable performance of the company. Without exception, all divisions of the enterprise for many years working together and ensure high-quality output. Every employee contributes to the prosperity and stability of the company. I especially want to mention the labor dynasty of the plant: Belikovich, Ignatievich, Romanov, Tishchenko and Martincevic.

    Special thanks go to the veterans of the plant. Let this momentous event will be a wonderful celebration for all who preserve and develop work habits. Creativity, efficiency and coherence of the labor collective of the plant help to achieve new developments and provide a solid guarantee for the personal welfare of each employee.

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