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  • 1 November 2017

    ASTON for safe work.

    ASTON for safe work

    Occupational health and safety is an important component of the activities of the company ASTON, identifying the person as the main value, after all, his safety and good health make the production process more precise, which increases the profitability of production itself.

    With the aim of improving the qualifications of employees responsible for resolving issues in design, development, control and improvement of the management system of occupational safety in the companies of Aston 16 employees were trained at all-Russian conference on occupational safety. During the training specialists learned:

    · How to organize a medical examination on the production and correctly execute the results?

    · How to receive from the state reimbursement for conservation work?

    · What is the correct sequence of actions in case of accidents at work?

    · How to build an effective system of labor protection management?

    · Culture of safety. What prevents to achieve maximum engagement?

    · As system implementation allows the BBS to change the minds of people?

    · Behavioural safety audit. How to change a potentially dangerous employee behavior?

    · Training labor protection. How to avoid the formal approach and to achieve the maximum effect?

    Congratulations to all the participants successfully completed the training and receive certificates of advanced training under the program "management System of occupational safety".

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