Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our Mission

To remain the best Russian producer of food products and food ingredients, to stay a reliable partner for sustainable development and growth of foodstuffs supplies.

We are motivated by the needs and values of our consumers and partners. We rely on the professionalism and high capacity of our employees, and follow the principles of technological effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

Our Values

Quality – achieving and maintaining high quality of our products and services on all stages of our work.

Openness and honesty – we do our business according to ethical standards, and we are ready to provide valid and authentic information.

Efficiency – is the determination to reach positive final result and the ability to achieve it regularly and enthusiastically, emphasizing the need to do anything possible and impossible for that.

Responsibility and initiativity – we are ready to assume obligations and put our promises into practice, to be responsible for our actions, we apply our abilities and opportunities as high as possible in order to carry out objectives.

Team work – is the acceptance of shared values, involvement in the common cause, support other team members, and aspirations toward unity.

Loyalty – we are loyal to the company, ready to work for its sake, protect its interests and support its reputation for the growth of foodstuffs supplies