About us

ASTON is one of Russia’s largest producers of foodstuffs and ingredients, and is a leading exporter of agricultural goods and vegetable oils. The company was created in 1997 and has head office is in Rostov-on-Don. About 4,000 employees work in ASTON’s subdivisions.

The company’s main areas of activity are:

  • producing foodstuffs and ingredients,
  • international trade,
  • logistics,
  • agricultural production,
  • shipbuilding and repairs.

Principles of the Company’s Work:

  • Developing an honest and open relationship with our partners and clients;
  • Applying modern world business standards;
  • Implementing highly effective technologies and latest scientific research;
  • Constant improvement of quality of our products and services.

The Company’s Strategic Objectives:

  • Supplying the consumers with high-quality Russian-made reasonably priced products;
  • Increasing the market share, the sales volume and the profitability of sales;
  • Increasing the cost-effectiveness per product unit;
  • Achieving higher consumer satisfaction with the quality of our products;
  • Creating and launching new products in the market;
  • Optimizing the company’s business processes;
  • Forming and developing a flexible team of like-minded professionals, capable of putting the development strategy, chosen by the company, info practice.


ASTON has earned an impeccable reputation as a producer of high-quality foods. The company is trusted by consumers and business partners. ASTON supplies its products to all Russian regions, as well as to CIS countries, the Baltic states and other foreign countries.

ASTON invests considerable resources into the development of Russian agriculture and the nation’s food industry. The company’s growth outlook is connected to the launch of new product lines and the implementation of new technologies. Such actions allow Aston to increase the volume of its production and sales of foodstuffs and ingredients, raise its plants’ energy effectiveness, lower negative effects on the environment and preserve natural resources.