Labour dynasties

Stability in the development of a company is best illustrated by the rise of labour dynasties: work experience and skills are being transferred from generation to generation, from parents to children. ASTON appreciates such continuity and supports the tradition of labour dynasties.

As a rule, the father or mother brings their son or daughter to the company; ASTON has many such examples. But there are also some families, where a member of the older generation follows the advice of a younger member and starts working side by side with them at one of ASTON’s companies, which are all characterized by stable development and good business prospects.

Connected through family ties, members of the labour dynasties try not to disgrace the family name. So they work hard, demonstrating eagerness, responsibility and conscientiousness. ASTON’s labour dynasties are the pride of the company; they contain its future potential and prospects. There are already signs suggesting that the tradition of continuity between several generations is strengthening, and the number of labour dynasties at ASTON’s plants will be increasing.