• Corporate policy

Corporate policy

ASTON is a company that provides stability and gives its employees ample opportunities for career growth irrespective of sex, race, nationality or religious beliefs.

The company completely fulfills the obligations to pay its employees and to motivate them. Fulfilling all the relevant requirements of Russian labour legislation, ASTON pays competitive salaries, gives bonuses, pays employee taxes, and provides health insurance options and annual vacations.

ASTON cares about its employees’ health. Apart from compulsory medical insurance, the company offers the staff of all its subsidiaries in Rostov-on-Don optional plans for medical insurance. Employees of the company’s large production facilities may ask for medical advice and help at the medical offices run by the company on the premises of every plant.

The company pays special attention to the issues of workplace health and safety. Technical inspections and expert assessments of all production equipment are held precisely on schedule. The company provides uniforms and labour safety training for its employees.

ASTON also offers credit and loan programs. Staff members can get bank loans on special favourable terms. The children of the company’s employees get vouchers for children’s recreational camps and New Year’s gifts from ASTON. The atmosphere of stability and trust at ASTON’s plants and facilities promotes the creation of new families, the rise in births, and the formation of labour dynasties.